A comprehensive building system that leverages innovation to give you a competitive advantage


  • Parallel work streams, in factory and on site, ensure that the completion of the building structure is on time and on budget
  • Prefabrication provides longer sections, design flexibility and minimizes on-site installation labour compared to traditional methods
  • Applicable with all conventional or engineered-specific flooring systems and secured using standard fastening components or through an engineered A-LINX fastening method
  • Prefabricated and sub-assembled trusses made in-house to meet engineering intent for any building structure
  • High impact resistant, non-combustible and adaptable to new construction and retrofit work

  • Headers, lintels, king posts, jacks and bridging come standard and are designed into the wall systems, with openings able to be customized to meet any customer request
  • A-LINX system is compatible with all traditional & non-traditional flooring systems including: Com-Deck, Hambro, Pre-Cast, OWSJ and Metal Deck
  • Cast-in-place concrete floors provide excellent sound attenuation
  • Knockouts at 2.5” x 4” for electrical conduit, mechanical,and piping requirements all standard
  • Exterior panels are assembled with sheathing, all hollowed cavities insulated and options for moisture barrier(s). Fully finished exterior panels with eifs also available



Prefabricated light gauge steel structures that deliver a heavy-duty competitive edge.